Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is my very first blog for anyone to read.

Someone said parents and students may like to read a blog because it is easy to access; mainly, it is easy for me to access.

Here are some upcoming events:

6th Grade Reading Academic Target, Wednesday, March 3

5th Grade Science Academic Target, Thursday, March 4

6th Grade Science Academic Target, Friday, March 5

Picture Day is Monday, March 8th. Parents must pay for group pictures in advance or on the day of the pictures. Group pictures are $12.oo each. Pictures with a pennant at $19.00 Individual pictures will be sent home for review. You may pay for pictures and keep them or return the whole packet and pay nothing.

Ruthie Foster came to CCIS and sang for our students yesterday (March 1) for Black History Month. Ruthie was on tour during February so came as soon as she could. We really enjoyed the show. Students are welcome to write thank you notes to Ruthie Foster. THANKS, RUTHIE!

CCIS would like to thank all of the professionals who came to our career day on February 25th.

Ms. Hernandez's nesting classes set up career day. Great Job!

We had beautiful, fluffy snowflakes at our school on Tuesday,

February 23rd. The students were very excited to see snow

in our area of Texas. The snow did not last long, and we were

able to come to school the next day. We are glad that we did

not have to miss a day of school.


  1. Ruthie Foster was amazing! We really need to send her some thank you cards from the kids for coming to play for us.

    The snow day was fun too. It was interesting to see all the students who have never seen snow before. They were all stuck to the windows trying to catch a glimpse. Some of them even got to walk through the courtyard in the snow. I will definitely remember that day for a long time.
    ~Ms. Soliz

  2. Great pictures!

  3. A more Pleasant comment... The blog is very up to the minute. It is nice in the usefulness that the information gets here faster than the school website (which looks awesome!).

  4. I love it, thank you, what a wonderful way for parents to stay connected with educators. I look forward to reading future blogs.

  5. I am so pleased to see this blog! Thank you for helping the CCIS parents connect to the school and all of its happenings. It is much appreciated.