Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reports Cards go home today (March 25).

Parents, please follow the posted speed limits in school zones.

TELPAS testing will be Monday (March 29) and Tuesday (March 30) for all students in bilingual classes and limited English proficient (LEP) students in nonbilingual classes.

Friday, April 2 is a student and staff holiday.

5th Graders will be taking TAKS April 6 (MATH) and April 7 (READING)!
Please encourage your child to get extra rest on Monday and Tuesday night. 5th graders must pass the MATH TAKS and the READING TAKS to go to 6th grade. Students are encouraged to do their very best on each of these tests. Students need to work carefully, check their work, read, read, and reread! These exams are not timed. Students will have all of the time they need to complete the exam even if they need to stay after school. Parents of students who are working after 3:50 will get a phone call from the school.
We should get the results for these exams two to three weeks after the exam.

6th Graders will be taking TAKS April 27 (MATH) and April 28 (READING)!

5th Graders will be taking TAKS SCIENCE April 29.
5th graders are working very hard to get ready for the SCIENCE TAKS. 5th graders continue to have a quiz every Thursday. Puzzles, which are a review for the quiz, are due each Thursday.

We appreciate all of the parental support in getting students to school on time, prepared, and ready to learn!

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